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2016 Fashion Trends…

Fashion likes to play with our sartorial hearts. Now, we managed to put together the top seven trends that are going to blow up in 2016. Furthermore, the best part is that you can start wearing these cool new styles at this moment.

Here’s The Deal:

  • Low(er)-rise trousers

2016 Fashion Trends- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from:theglamorouses.com/:10 Best Fashion Trends 2016

We knew they’d be back. The high waists we’ve been wearing are gradually giving away to rises cut below the navel, often paired with roomier legs.

  • No Exposed necks

2016 Fashion Trends- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from:slffashion.com/:Trendy jewelry style for FW 2015: Statement layered choker necklaces.

Between the chokers and thin or skinny scarves and artfully tied ribbons, your neck will scarcely get an instant to itself next season. Flee the thick creams and begin a nightly moisturizing regimen now. Your layered Chanel necklaces will look the better for it.

  • Statement sleeves

2016 Fashion Trends- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from:boomerinas.com/:Bell Sleeve Dresses & Blouses: Wide Statement Sleeves for Fall 2015 Winter 2016

If puffy, exaggerated Rosie Assoulin bat wings aren’t your thing, try a more manageable bell sleeve or, at the very least, leave your cuffs flappy.

  • Slides and mules

2016 Fashion Trends- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from:tradesy.com/:CHANEL Canvas Espadrilles Flats Cream/Black Mules

TGIF, “F” meaning “flats.” We’ve moved from the wear with everything white sneaker to the Vans style slip on to the fancy slide, which is like its predecessors but even easier because there aren’t any laces or even a back. That doesn’t mean they can’t be fancy, though check out the heel on that Gucci loafer.

  • Off-the-Shoulders

fashion trends- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from: glamour.com/:12 Off-the-Shoulder Tops You Can’t Live Without This Spring

This year’s off-the-shoulder neckline is still going strong, only it’s evolved to include the neck and/or sleeves. Proenza Schouler’s flamenco-y top is pretty much the shirt shape to shop for or DIY now.

  • Silver

fashion trends- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from: lulus.com/:BELLE OF THE DISCO BALL SILVER DRESS

If you take away one thing from this story, it’s that maximalism is in and silver is, for now, the top metal. This means you can stop only wearing camel and heather gray and dig out your tinfoil pants. Or pick up a liquid metal dress, coming to a high-street shop near you.

  • Bedclothes

fashion trends_my-blonde-ambitions
Photo credit from: harpersbazaar.com/:TRENDING NOW IN OUR STORE: PAJAMA DRESSING

This is the year pajama dressing makes it big. We can feel it in our satin covered bones. Pick one or more from the following: classic PJ sets, robes, slip dresses, and others.


marieclaire.com/: 7 Fashion Trends That Are Going to Blow Up in 2016


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