Two Kansas City Women Redefine Fashion in Medical Industry

One the list of successful business women is two best friends who are taking style back to the work uniform.

This Is Crazy:

They are Gina Hohl and Rachel McTarsneya, a two best friends from Kansas City. Both of them have worked long careers in medical sales, they have worked in 15 different specialties and at the same time they have always had an interest in fashion. Gina is the quality connoisseur, Rachel an experimenter. When their clients told them about their dislikes regarding their uniforms and wishing they had a product that held them accountable for their weight, and they started turning and investigate what may as a result afterward. They feel many ups and downs, yet years later they finally launching what has been a dream.

Photo credit from: Fashion

In their medical sales, their clients told them about their dissatisfaction with their choices for scrubs. The available options didn’t fit well, most were overly “cute,” and the design made it hard for medical professionals to stay accountable for their weight. But, they still wanted to be comfortable! and their clients main issues: fit, fabric, and style. Because of this, they plan to set out and to produce uniforms that reflect sophistication and professionalism. Given their background, they wanted to address the issues medical sales representatives a face in clothing: uncomfortable professional wear that requires dry cleaning and ironing.

Photo credit from: STRETCH MACKENZIE

“WeThey know that women look beautiful when they exude confidence. It’s about an attitude, which incorporates feeling good on the outside and on the inside.”, according to them. Their line is about style, not fashion, and quality over quantity. because they  believe in buying what looks good on your body versus what is trendy. And their mission is to dress women in industry uniforms that are sophisticated, timeless and high-quality so that everyone look and feel fantastic at work.

clothing uniforms-
Photo credit from: Less For Nursing Uniforms Does Not Mean Lack Of Style

SOURCE: Two Kansas City women follow passion to redefine fashion in medical industry


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